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....family & friends have told us for years to bottle and sell this stuff. NOW is your chance to purchase. Please let us know what you think.

Chuck & Kayla

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Feedback Received

I  just wanted to tell you and your wife how delicious the salsa is!!!!  I  tried to it tonight and wow.  Seriously, delicious and great flavor.   I just wanted to say hi and  tell you how much I enjoyed it!

Jessie S

Little Falls, NJ


Where are all my chips and salsa lovers? 👐 You can thank me later for introducing you to this goodness!!!!! Seriously! 👌 hands down the best salsa ever!!!!!!

Charlie T

Palestine, TX

If you have chips this is the Salsa for you.  

Don't disrespect your chip with anything different.



Palestine, TX

YES!! After moving from Texas we couldn't find any REAL salsa (salsa in South Florida is just Pico). We finally found salsa we can eat with everything! It's like being back home. We love this stuff!!!!

Yvonne Y

Cape Coral, FL